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New Pogo

There's nothing more important to us than your baby

New Pogo Baby Diapers

New Pogo Diapers are specially designed for Indian babies 

providing them happy and healthy development.

We are constantly working to bring your baby gentle protection.

  • Higher density of PULP & SAP (Self Absorbent Polymer) – ensures long lasting diapers.

  • Air dry cotton-like nonwoven back sheet, that is soft to touch.

  • Soft cozy elastic waistband located in the rear of the diaper that provides  a custom fit for your baby.

  • Ultra absorbent core which captures the wetness, locking in the moisture to prevent leakage.

  • Standing cuff within the diaper which acts as a first guard against side leakage.

  • Two ply leg gathers, which are the second guard against diaper leakage.

  • Breathable sides which allow air to migrate through the baby’s soft skin  to keep it dry and rash free.

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Size : S/M/L

Pack : 1/2/4/Jumbo