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New Pogo

There's nothing more important to us than your baby

New Pogo Diaper Pants

We are the first Indian Company to introduce 

" Pant style Diapers "

 New Pogo Diaper Pants are the right choice for your baby.

 Try them once, and your baby won't let you go back! 

New Pogo Diaper Pants
  • New Pogo pant style diapers can be worn easily by just pulling up and its soft elastic is gentle on baby’s soft skin.
  • Its soft leg gathers helps it to fit comfortably and prevents leakage.
  • Its Maxi-absorbent core soaks the wetness and keeps the baby dry.
  • Absorbs upto 5 wettings.
  • Baby lotion to protect skin and helps to provide smoother skin.
  • Easy to remove by just tearing it from side.
  • Customized for each stage of your baby’s development:                                                    Available in S-M-L sizes.
  • Comes at a price equivalent to regular diapers.

 Available in - 

Size : S/M/L

Pack : 1/2/4/Jumbo